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Trekking From Umpang

Umpang is a centre for Ecotourism, a nature lover’s paradise which offers a unique and different experience.

Umpang is an exceptional land for adventures such as trekking and elephant riding to beautiful mountainous areas and hill tribe villages rarely visited by travelers, rafting down the Mae Klong from Umpang River, first hand experience of minority ethnic people culture (local villagers will be your guides, trail readers, helpers and porters), enjoy tremendous waterfalls, isolated caves, several species of wildlife you can also explore some of the oldest remaining stands of forest in the country

Thi Lo Su Waterfall is the main attraction; other important waterfalls are Thi Lo Jo Waterfall, Sai Rung Waterfall, Pra Charoen Falls, Thi Lo Cho (Falling Rain Waterfall), Tararak Falls (26 km south of Mae Sot).

Umpang is also ideal to simply relax, do nothing and enjoy the lazy pace of life. Sometimes locals offer their homes to visitors, providing meals and accommodation, there are also campsites near the village.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Thi Lo Su Waterfalls are the main reason visitors travel to the region, its name means “giant waterfall” or “black waterfall” in Karen language. This falls are the most breathtaking in Thailand and are situated within the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. Its height is about 200 meters and total width is about 400 meters. Trips to Thi Lo Su Waterfalls generally involve white water rafting along Klong River and riding elephants.

Thi Lo Su is most beautiful from June to November (the rainy season), however during this period the road access to the waterfall is closed for safety reasons and foot walks are necessary

  • Drink only boiled water or use a good quality filter to cleanse the river water.
  • Umpang has a hospital but while your trek bring personal medicines and first aid kit.

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