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Crime and Safety in Thailand

In general, Thailand is a safer country to be than most countries in the West, crimes against visitors are relatively unusual in Thailand, but like anywhere in the planet crime is present and occasionally tourists are victims. A traveler must observe the same commonsense precautions that he would in any other place.

There are certain areas that should be approached with caution (example: Thailandís borders with both Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma)).

Most common crimes

Most common crimes are pick-pocketing, scams, credit card fraud and bag snatching so it is wise not to walk around with too much cash or valuables.

Women should not visit isolated areas (example: beaches) alone or during night times, visit pubs and nightclubs in a group and take general precautions to ensure that they are secure.

Bangkok is probably as safe as any big city gets, tourists can feel completely safe walking around the city, even in the early hours of the morning.

Thai people are extremely welcoming and most tourist areas such as beaches, temples, spas, resorts, shops, museums, medical centers, and hotels are remarkably safe.

In Thai society respect is very important, if you are respectful, you will be treated with respect (Hotheads are considered dangerous). Never ever get into a physical fight with Thai people.

If you frequent some of the sordid parts of Thailand, such as live-sex-shows and gambling dens you are unnecessarily exposed to all dangers and trappings inherent in such environments.

Thai Polices are helpful and will readily assist visitors; they have a respectable level of dealing with crime and law enforcement. The Kingdom has a special Tourist Police force whose elements have good English skills especially in the larger towns. Although there are numerous excellent and honest policemen in Thailand others are recognized to be behind illegal activities such as drug dealing, gambling, gun running, prostitution and trafficking in people.

Protect Thai women and kids is a national priority of the Government of Thailand, prostitution is illegal in Thailand and sexual contact with a minor is a criminal offense and punishable by imprisonment, the existence of child prostitution is a repulsive act to the Thai people; the Thai culture is based on close family ties and religious conviction which are in direct conflict with the unnatural abuse of individuals, particular children.

Thailand has a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) infection, including HIV/AIDS, both amongst the population and amongst prostitutes, prophylactic can be bought without problems in Thailand in all convenience stores and pharmacies.

Avoid drivers who offer their services without being asked, various Tuk-tuk drivers might demand a superior price than agreed.


Police 191 or 123
Police Crime 195
Fire 199
Traffic Control Center 197
Highway Police 1193
Tourist Police 1699
Tourist Service Center 1155
Ambulance and Rescue 1669
Medical Emergency 1554
Ambulance Service Centre +66 2255 1133/6
Food and Drug Administration 1556

Immigration Office
Address: Soi Suanphlu, Sathorn Tai Road, Bangkok 10120
Telephone: +66 2 287 3101

Tourist Information Counter
Address: 372 Bamrung Muang Road, Bangkok 10100
Telephone: +66 2 226 0060, 226 0072

Tourist Assistance Center
Address: 4 Ratchadamnoen Nok Road, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 2 281 5051

Tourism Authority of Thailand Head Office
Address: Le Concorde Building, 202 Ratchadapisek Road
Telephone: +66 2 694 1222

Tourist Police
Address: Unico House, Soi Lang Suan, Ploenchit Road, Bangkok
Telephone: 1699 or +66 2 652 1721

Bangkok International Airport
Address: Phahonyothin Road, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 2 535 1111

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