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Religions of Thailand

Considered an indispensable pillar of society, religion is a very important part in Thai life. There is absolute religious freedom and all major creeds can be found. According to the 2000 census, 94.6% of Thais are Buddhist, 4.6% are Muslim, 0.7% is Christian and the remainders are Hindus, Sikhs and other faiths. Newer religions (Jehovah’s Witness, etc.) are rising.

Many areas south of the Chumphon Province have dominant Muslim communities.

The most extended religion of Thailand is the Theravada or Hinayana Buddhism, though the King is the designated protector of all religions, the Thai monarch is legally required to be a Buddhist.

Traditionally, Thai temples (wat) have been the centre of social and religious life, used for other purposes such as the village hostelry, information agency, school, hospital and dispensary.

In Thailand, Buddhism is a 'syncretic' faith that incorporates basics of Brahmanism, animism, and ancestor worship. Thai Buddhists practice the law of “karma”, this is the law of cause and effect, the Thai maxim "do good and receive good, do evil and receive evil" sums up this idea well.

Meditation is practiced regularly by Thai population; visitors can discover the fundamentals of this practice at numerous centers in the country.

Amidst rich mixture of beliefs, Thailand has always lived in peace and harmony.

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