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Media and Communications in Thailand

The kingdom of Thailand has excellent communication facilities, excluding remote areas there is brilliant connectivity throughout Thailand especially in and near tourist areas.

The Ministry of Communications is responsible for Thailandís public postal, telegraph and telephone services. Citizens are said to enjoy liberty of speech and a free press.

However, the laws prohibit criticism of the royal family, threats to national security and insults to Buddhism.

Most all large businesses operate in English, language spoken even between Thais. Recently in Thailand there are widely-available multi-language communication facilities. There are several English, Thai and Chinese newspapers in distribution.

Thailand is the principal newspaper marketplace in Southeast Asia with an estimated circulation of at least 13 million copies daily in 2003.


Television is the most accepted communication medium in Thailand. The first mainland Asian television station was established in Bangkok in 1955. More than 80% of population are estimated to rely on television as their most important source of information. Thailand is a affiliate of INTELSAT and maintains trans-Pacific and Indian Ocean satellite communications stations.

All free-to-air channels except one are government owned and run by MCOT (Mass Communications Organization of Thailand) and the Royal Thai Army.


Radio stations are supposed to be regulated by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). But because of delays in launching the NBC, radio broadcasting is regulated by a group of government agencies, including the MCOT, military, Telegraph Department, state universities among others. Community radio stations operated with low-power transmitters have propagated in the last few years, offering listeners an unusual choice to the official radio stations.


Internet services in Thailand are widespread and most are inexpensive, the speed of connection is generally reasonable. Internet Cafes can be found easily in Thailand. Most hotels provide free or inexpensive Internet access by LAN or Wi-Fi, so you can bring your own computer.

The internet is the most free of media in the country, thought it still comes under government inspection. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology aggressively blocks Thai ISPs from accessing web pages it consider offensive, principally pornography pages, but political pages, mainly those having to do with the South Thailand rebellion are also blocked.

Notebook users can also buy provisional Internet access accounts from the countries ISPís like CSComs and KSC, but Loxinfo is considered as the fastest and best provider.

The internet country code in Thailand is .th

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