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Money and Costs in Thailand

Currency and Currency exchange :

The Thai unit of currency is the Baht (THB). Sometimes spelled Bath, pronounced to rhyme
with “hot”. All bills and all coins have a representation of His Majesty the King.

Traveler’s checks are best changed in banks, many accommodations will change money also, but heavy commissions and reduced rates may apply. There are abundant ATMs throughout Thailand that accept Visa and other credit cards. Major credit cards are generally accepted by restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. In remote towns, including smaller islands, cash is essential.

Any amount of foreign money may be brought into the country. Traveler leaving the country may take out no more than 50,000 baht per person in Thai currency.

Credit Cards :

American Express +662 273 5500
Diners Club +662 238 3660
Master Card +662 256 7326-7
Visa +662 256 7326-7

Costs :

Thailand is an inexpensive country to visit, with a budget of 500 baht to 800 baht; you can cover expenses such as three square meals, guesthouse accommodation, nonalcoholic beverages and local transport per day. Life can be quite relaxed with 900 baht to 1300 baht to spend by day. An expenditure of 1500B to 2000B per day brings with it all the modern comforts. You can spend even more if you eat at the most expensive restaurants and stay in the best hotels. Phuket and Ko Samui tend to have higher prices in general.

Items sold by street vendors in markets or in many shops are flexibly priced, bargaining is to be expected. With serenity and a broad smile, you will get a better cost.

Tipping :

Tipping is becoming more frequent in Thailand. Most hotels and restaurants add a 10% service charge to the bill, 10% of the bill is an correct tip, but this can be costly if your bill is quite high already.

Banks :

Bank Name
Bangkok Bank +662 645 5555
Citibank 1588
Bank of Thailand +662 283 5353
Krung Thai Bank PCL +662 255 2222
The Siam Commercial Bank +662 544 1000
Siam City Bank +662 208 5000
Standard Chartered Bank 1595
TMB Bank Public +662 299 1111
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation +662 614 4000

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