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Medical Care in Thailand

Medical Services

Medical treatment in Thailand is good, principally in Bangkok, all tourist areas and major towns have hospitals and clinics. General practitioners are readily available. Doctors and staff in the larger hospitals are well-trained and generally speak good English.

The Thai word for private hospital is "long-piya-barn ekachon". In 1989, there were 11,000 private clinics and 180 private hospitals in Thailand.

Emergency numbers are useful if you can speak Thai, if you have an urgent situation, you should contact the Tourist Police or contact your embassy or insurance company.


There are numerous pharmacies in Thailand, they sell q wide range array of products and medicines, both locally and internationally produced, generic drugs are notoriously cheaper that 'brand name' drugs. In some cases, pharmacies are able to sell you medications that would require a prescription.

Common Ailments

Being a tropical area, Thailand has its fair share of tropical diseases. HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections are common, resulting generally from unprotected sexual contacts; all casual sex must be protected with the use of condoms.

Currently there is no compulsory immunization required in Thailand, visitors do not require vaccinations except those coming from or passing through a designated infected area, the following vaccines are generally recommended for adults:

When to see a doctor
Malaria in Thailand There is no risk in cities and main tourist areas; limited risk exists in rural areas bordering Cambodia (including Ko Chang in Trat Province), Laos and Myanmar. 1 day before travel
Hepatitis A Suggested for all travelers 2 week before travel
Typhoid Caused for food and drinks contaminated 1 week before travel
Yellow fever in thailand Required for all travelers coming from a yellow-fever-infected area. 10 days before travel
Japanese encephalitis Recommended for those at significant risk for periods of 1 month or more in endemic areas in Eastern and Southeastern Asian countries 4 weeks before travel
Hepatitis B in thailand There is moderate to high risk of infection, this disease infects through blood, sexual activities and in small children, through saliva. The Hepatitis B vaccine can be combined with the vaccine against Hepatitis A. 5 - 6 weeks before travel
Tetanus-diphtheria Recommended for those who have not received an immunization within the last 10 years. Tetanus vaccine is usually given in combination with Diphtheria. 1 day before travel

Find Doctors

find a doctor

When you are planning a trip to Thailand and you want to ensure you are as safe and healthy as possible before departing, comparing the best doctors around can help to put your mind at ease before boarding your flight. If you want to find a doctor but you do not have many local resources available, you can use our online doctor finder right here to assist during the search process.

It is extremely important to find a doctor before heading off for your trip to Thailand. Whether you are due for a checkup or if you have questions about any common tropical diseases, locating a doctor who is professionally-qualified and experienced in various areas of medicine is possible when you look for doctors online.


How to Find Doctors Online

Using an online tool to find medical care is ideal when you are searching for the best doctor. Whether you have a medical emergency you need to take care of before your trip to Thailand or if you are simply seeking a specialist who can help you with a medical need you have, comparing doctors online gives you more insight into each individual's own career, personal achievements and special areas of study.


Why Compare Doctors Online?

Comparing the type of doctors that are available near you online is a way to get more information than by simply visiting local hospitals. When you look into doctors online, you can find details about their own credentials as well as their work history. Researching doctors online before you head to a hospital for any reason is a way for you to feel more comfortable and confident in your decision, whether visiting the hospital is for you or for a loved one. Viewing information about doctors online can also help with locating specialists for illnesses or chronic diseases you may be facing.

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