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Art in Thailand

Thailand is an excellent place for the arts, with a large number of theatres, art galleries, and other interesting places where Thai art can be appreciated.
Thai art is the product of the combination of the finest traditions of Asia, blended and stamped into unique forms immediately identifiable as Thai; its beginning was under the sponsorship of the royal courts.

Thai art is often considered a figure of Buddhist art, Thai sculpture frequently depicts images of Buddha, Thai paintings are regularly illustrations of books and ornamental murals of buildings such as palaces and temples. Buddha is represented in a number of images from diverse periods and distinctive styles.

Thai dance is one of the truly lovely aspects of the country; this is divided into three categories (Khon, Lakhon and Likay). Khon is the most elaborate, Lakhon is less formal than Khon and Likay is the most populist.

The music of Thailand includes classical and folk music using unique instruments such as the ranad, sa-law, the phin pia and the khlui. Also, Thailand has a very active music industry which produces pop-stars over the years.

Another characteristic art form in Thailand is the intricately carved from wood to create imposing three-dimensional details.

Contemporary Thai art habitually combines traditional Thai elements with modern techniques. Being Chiang Mai the city which attracts plenty of artists because provide an ideal atmosphere for creative pursuits

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Art schools in Thailand

Interested in a degree in the art and design world? with our database of art schools and colleges (, has top degree programs in a variety of fields, including graphic design, fashion, interactive media, interior design, game design, web design, photography and film.

Ballet schools in Thailand

Here you can find the most important ballet schools, and also first-hand information about ballet education, ballet career, ballet wear and other resources related with ballet. Ballet is a deliberate activity that involves purpose, intentional rhythm, culturally movement of aesthetic and inherent value; all these make ballet an art rather than a sport or a coincidence.

Film Schools in Thailand

A film school is an educational institution that is dedicated to the film instruction; it means that it covers aspects like movie making that includes film production, theory, and scriptwriting. Most of the film schools programs incorporate a technical training, such as learning the use of cameras, lights and other necessary instruments for the production of movies.

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