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The Thai yoga

An ancestral Tai therapyThai Yoga is a dynamic body therapy in which a spiritual guide walks you through yoga sessions, pressing and massaging points and body energy lines. This ancient practice produces muscle relaxation, improves circulation and reactivates immune system.
Yoga gives you total relaxation of your body, especially if you have problems with your heart you'll do well to relax, lowering blood pressure and other heart related problems. Not only that, you also help mandenerte as a more relaxed way. In Thailand its inhabitants maintain a BMI of 23, which is pretty good. Control your BMI to see if you are at a healthy weight.

History of Thai Yoga

This practice is very popular in Thailand because they developed this technique in their temples several years ago. This kind of yoga is the result of asanas (a combination of yoga movements), principle of ayuvedicos and martial arts exercises. Its history is associated with yoga history.
History tells us that Buddihst monks from India arrived around the II and III centuries B.C., Its founders were the personal physicians of Buddha, and he orally transmitted his knowledge to his disciples. They also tried to give expression to knowledge in religious texts; however, massages and yoga are still practiced in Buddhist temples in Thailand.

Types of massage

Thai Yoga is part of traditional Thai medicine. The position, movements and types of massage are reminiscent of traditional yoga. Concentration and spiritual sensitivity are reminiscent of serene meditation of traditional Thai medicine. Thai Yoga was also influenced by traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture with energy points). Besides, the fundamental principle of Thai Yoga is based on the holistic vision of human being as the association of body, mind and spirit.

Thai Yoga practice benefits those who wish to obtain an excellent physical and mental condition and a high level of welfare. The Thai Yoga techniques are summarized in a constant and steady breathing of the body while one is in a state of meditation. The benefits of yoga consist of an improvement in the nervous, respiratory, circulatory, immune, and digestive systems and the Thai Yoga practice reduces stress in the long term, among others benefits.
You could have a incredible relax
The most important practice in Thailand
Currently, this type of Yoga has more followers around the world, and it is practiced in the East and West, furthermore, it has influenced Thai culture in different aspects, from religion to Thai architecture.

Thai culture

Thai culture is one of the oldest in the world, along China history, Thailand was influenced by the changes of Asia, which allowed Thailand to adopt the Buddhist religion and yoga.
Finally, it is an ancient technique available to this generation and a new option to fight stress, the most aggressive illness in recent years. It is a gift from Thailand to the word. 
Tai yoga; Many years of evolution A guide, very important for this practice


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