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Sangkhlaburi  Travel Guide

Sangkhlaburi Travel Guide

Sangkhlaburi or Sangkhla Buri is a small amphoe (district) located in the Kanchanaburi province in western Thailand, close to the Burmese border at Three Pagodas Pass. Sangkhlaburi is located 340 km northwest of Bangkok; in fact the city can be reached by bus from the Capital in around seven hours.

Sangkhlaburi is located on the Shore of Vajiralongkorn Lake (previously known as Khao Laem Lake); the near area around Sangkhlaburi hosts the Thung Yai Naresuan wildlife reserve, the Khao Laem National Park, abundant waterfalls (like Dai Chong Thong Waterfall, Kreng Kravia Waterfall, Takien Thong Waterfall), caves (like Sawan Bundarn Cave) and traditional Karen and Mon villages.

It is one of the most gorgeous districts among the several tourist destinations in Thailand, an excellent place to chill out and to keep one busy for several days. Sangkhlaburi has a peaceful atmosphere, locals impress with their charm and their natural kindness.

Sangkhlaburi offer stunning natural beauty attractions such as waterfalls, rough jungle, stunning lakeside views and the Khao Laem Dam. Sangkhlaburi gives numerous opportunities for adventurous activities including trekking, rafting down the rivers on bamboo rafts, and elephant treks. You can also observe the Mon style life.

Furthermore the natural attractions; Sangkhlaburi has the longest hand-made wooden bridge in Thailand, located across Vajiralongkorn Lake, it is 400 meters long and was built by the Mon as a shortcut between the town of Wang Kha and the town of Sangkhlaburi.

Sangkhlaburi has interesting markets and houses (most of them build on the water as raft houses).

Sangkhlaburi was traditionally a Karen town (although historians believe the earliest visitors to the region were the Mons). Nowadays population is conformed by many ethnic groups such as the Mon, Karen, Burmese, the mix of diverse tribes create a culturally and religiously diverse town. Many of these settlers have become political refugees, unable to obtain Thai passport or permits for residence and work, many foreigner are volunteers donating their time to improve the livelihoods of these refugees.

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