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Moving to Thailand

Moving to another country requires planning and budgeting. If you are considering moving to Thailand, there is some important information you have to take into account.

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. Bangkok is one of the major touristic destinations; the beauty and mystique of its landscapes are an incentive for many people to visit the country. The tourism activity gradually increased and represents an important part of the Thai economy today. If we talk about cuisine, Thai food offers a great variety with a particularity: the mixed of sweet, spicy and balance butter tart. The Thai sauces are exported worldwide due to their particular flavors.

The Thai economy is now stable due to exports. In recent years, the country has had stronger exports of textiles, jewelry, rubber, rice and appliances. The current growth rate is 4.8%.

Migration in Thailand is simpler than in other countries because you donít need a visa, but this permit allows you to stay in the country for only 40 days. If you want stay longer it is advisable you make the appropriate arrangements, otherwise you could be deported after a long process.

The property market in Thailand

The property market in Thailand is varied, one can choose among the wide range of prices and styles. The most expensive area is Bangkok because it is one of the cities with the highest tourism activity and business opportunities.

There are many companies that offer excelent moving service. It's important to see which better suits your needs. You can work with international or national moving companies; there are two factors that are important when choosing a moving company:
  • The first factor is: your current location and the destination where you want to move to.
  • The second factor is: the costs and your economical availability. You can request for free quotes from different companies; a useful way to do this is search in a movers directory or moving companies directory.
There are many choices that include good and cheap companies. The movers handle the entire process from sorting and packing to transporting packages. The Thai industry is good but is still growing the materials used are not as processed as the ones from major industries in Western countries. Regarding the clothes, you have to bear in mind that Thais are short and mostly thin so finding clothes and right sizes will be very difficult.

Considering that Thailand is a tropical country the vegetation grows very quickly, and animals may suffer for this climate change so you must predict whether your pet will be easily adaptable to this new climate with temperatures of 28 - 35 degrees Celsius.
The Thais are deeply rooted to Buddhism; and so there are certain customs that are uncommon for Westerners i.e.: you should not sit with the soles of your feet towards anyone, as it could be disrespectful depending on social positions.

The National Anthem is highly respected, if you listen to it you should stand as a sign of respect, should not make any derogatory comment on the royal family as you could get arrested, reaching a sentence of up to 15 years.

Points you should consider before move to Thailand

There are some points you should consider before move to Thailand:
  • †If you have never been to Thailand or have only spent a few weeks there but as a tourist, it is recommended you spend 2 or 3 months living in this country but not as a tourist.
  • †If you are moving to Thailand for a long time, you better get a job vacancy and it will be better, if it is in an international company with a good salary.
The monthly budget is up to your personal preferences, family situation and, mainly, your lifestyle. If you are moving to Thailand alone, you need a minimum of 30,000 baht to live. Foreign people have other options when looking for a job, such as: teaching English, working in the offshore oil industry or an online work and freelancing. The opportunities to get a freelance job are high.
  • If you're planning to teach English and live on that salary, you will have to consider that you will need a TOEFL certificate and be under 60 years of age. The licensing of teachers in Thailand is only up to 60 years of age, and it applies to the Thais and expatriates.
  • Sending moving postcard is an easy solution to say good bye to everybody you know, especially if you donít have much time.

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