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There are several newspapers in mass circulation in Thailand, so readers have a large selection of numerous papers, in contrast to television, print media is subject to much less government control. Papers range from scandalous mass-circulation dailies to newspapers that specialize in reporting of political and industry news. With the exclusion of one newspaper in Chiang Mai, all daily papers are
published in Bangkok and circulated in all part of the Kingdom. In 2002 there were at least 35 daily newspapers in mass circulation published in Bangkok, including seven in Chinese and four in English. The first daily newspaper, the Siam Daily Advertiser, appeared more than a century ago.

The mainstream print media are characterized by Thai Rath and Daily News; these journals are viewed as “conservative” within the Thai political environment. On the other hand, journals that grew out of the student movement of the 1970s such as Matichon, The Nation and Thai Post tend to assume a “progressive” position.
  • Thai Rath is the most influential newspaper, prominently features sensationalist stories on crime and accidents.
  • Daily News is very similar in style and substance to Thai Rath.
  • Khao Sod is the third circulation among Thai newspapers, this is a part of Matichon Pcl, a publishing group.
  • Kom Chad Luek, its political instance is a conservative, non-populist, and moderately anti-government.
  • Matichon is the flagship publication of the Matichon Group, is considered essential reading for Thailand’s educated classes.
  • Thai Post is the most progressive of all Thai dailies.
  • The Nation is an important English-language daily newspaper.
  • Naew Na, its editorial line is progressive.
  • Siam Rath
  • Sing Sian Yit Pao is the largest Chinese-language daily newspaper in Thailand.

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