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Thailand has an excellent employment-rate record, less than 2% of the unemployed population. That’s why there are plenty of job opportunities for foreigners in Thailand. International job offers increased by 45% in 2010 because many people decide to look for new opportunities in other countries and most of them choose Thailand as their main destiny.

Thailand job opportunities

Thailand offers people different job opportunities. Education is the area in which more people work. Most foreign workers are English teachers in Thailand. Although it may be able to get a teaching position with no degree, but salaries are not very good, even if you are a native speaker with exceptional teaching record. If you are not interested in the education field, Thailand also offers job opportunities in other areas like technology, engineering, music and gastronomy.

Job Resources

To prepare a successful resume, you need to know how to review, summarize, and present your experiences and achievements on one or two pages. Outline your achievements and professional experience. You can find free resume online to help you write a successful resume. If you want to be more specific, you can access to that give you examples and some tips on how to organize your resume. You can see different professional categories such as medicine, engineering, education, journalism, flight attendan.

Browse and expand Thailand Job Opportunities

job searchThailand is an awesome place. It is one of those countries that you visit and don’t want to leave. If you are one of the many foreigners that has traveled to Thailand and got hooked, you are in luck. There are job opportunities available, especially in the area of teaching English.

Teaching English will be your easiest option (if you are a native English speaker that is). All of the sites below are pretty similar and have massive amounts of teaching English job options around the world. Browse through each of the sites for any Thailand job opportunities.

Remember, employers are not going to be after you; you need to track the employers down. Therefore you can also research job openings either online or through newspapers, which sometimes advertise through their local newsletter to avoid being overwhelmed by applications. If your main concern is to get a job interview, then go for it.

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