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Insurance in Thailand

If you still dont know what to acquire an insurance policy is like and want to be informed, we explain more about this new world of insurance companies below, and we also have an that can help you to find a insurance company.

First, lets start by explaining what insurance is. Insurance is a contract whereby a person agrees to pay a sum of money be it monthly, quarterly or every six months which is called the premium; in exchange for the insurance, the company provides benefits upon the occurrence of any event, the benefits received depend on the plan you purchased.

Foreign insurance companies give us the option to purchase insurance that allow us to continue being benefited by the policy.

Types of insurance

If you are looking forward to protecting your family, then you should get to know more about life insurance, this is a contract signed by the insured which states that you must pay a monthly amount to the beneficiary, who can be any appointed member of your family, this money will be paid by the insurer in some event such as death, suffering from critical illness, terminal illness.

The roads in Thailand are very well conserved compared to those in any other country. One of the Thai customs is to drive on the left side. Lands to drive in Thailand you must have an international driver's license but only on holiday is fine with having a driver's license from his country that is valid for two months, the car insurance is compulsory.

Having health insurance is important because if you are involved in any accident you can be treated. Medical care is excellent, to the extent that some people go to Thailand just to receive treatment as health costs are very low.

Insurance companies offer two types of home insurance, one of them is insurance of the house structure, the company is responsible for verifying the good condition of your home, i.e.: if you have to change the roof, do some electrical installations, wiring lines, etc. Upon signing the contract you must be informed of your coverage and that in Thailand there are companies that do not cover some natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hail, lightning, etc. Premiums vary according to the characteristics of your home such as size, location, security system, etc. The other type of coverage is the insurance for content that is responsible for protecting your property if a theft occurs the insurance company must replenish your belongings but for this you must have the receipts.

The risks of an accident during a trip should not be a worry. You should purchase a travel insurance to enjoy your trip without concerns. This type of insurance covers you from accidents, death, loss of sight, whether medical expenses for treatment, operation, repatriation of remains caused by illness while traveling, also if your luggage is mistakenly sent to another destination, the insurance company pays for the costs you incurred in until your luggage is back.

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