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Shopping in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailandís major centre for quality handicrafts, and definitively a shoppers' paradise. Some of the best shopping in the world can be found right here, there is an immense variety of goods offered throughout Chiang Mai; you can find beautiful hill-tribe and Northern handicrafts, silk, cotton, silver, rattan, antiques, delicate ceramics, woodcarvings, Buddhist art, natural fibers, weaves, modern gadgets, fake brand names, video games and many more. The list of options is endless for shopping in Chiang Mai. And at knock down prices, you might need an extra suitcase just to carry it all.

Thai goods are low prices and bargaining is a long practiced art, the hospitality and efficiency of shopkeepers will amaze you, furthermore, several workshops will arrange for shipping to your home country.

Chiang Mai is famous for its skilled artisans; a handicraft from Chiang Mai can serve as a valuable gift or be kept as a beautiful tangible memento of your visit. A major advantage of shopping in Chiang Mai is that visitors can watch craftspeople at work. Craftsmen will produce required garments such as shirts, blouse and skirts within a day or so at a competitive price, they are located within the city and in several outlying villages, particularly along the Bo Sang-San Kamphaeng road.

The centre of shopping is the Night Bazaar, it is found on Chang Khlan Road very near Si Don Chai Road and Tha Phae Road. Every night the market opens with a range of handicrafts, food, traditional trinkets, clothes, pieces of jewellery and other items. The market opens around finishing up around midnight. If you like the street shopping then you must visit Night Bazaar and Sunday Market; it opens from 2:00 pm up to 10:0 pm featuring admiring crafts lying out on the pavements.

Tha Phae Gate is a good place to Shopping; Warorot Market near Tha Phae feature clothes, fabrics, food, flowers and more; Muang Noi Market offers the freshest fruits and vegetables in the Chiang Mai; art lovers must visit Phra Pokklao Road; you can find computer related items from Panthip Plaza near the Night Market.

Two major shopping malls in the city are Airport Plaza and Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall; these malls house many international brands where you can find modern items such as gadgets, clothes and multimedia.

Baan Tawai Wood Carving Village to the south of the city also invites you for Shopping; the village is famous for its wood exquisite souvenirs. Check out Borsang village where you can buy beautifully hand-painted umbrellas made of Saa paper of all sizes. Hang Dong is where you can find excellent handcrafted woodcarvings.

Next, a very little list of options:

The Lost Heavens (Tribal & Primitive Art)
Address: 234 Tha Pae Road (opp. Wat Bupparam), Chiang Mai 50100.
Telephone: 053-251551-7,

Chiang Mai Craft supply and export handcrafts and gifts.
Address: Koolpunt Ville 6, Chiang Mai 50100
Telephone: +66 (89) 8530746

Nova Collection
Address: 201 Tha Pae Road, Chiang Mai
Telephone: +66 (53) 273 058

Siam Royal Orchid offers jewelry and gifts made from flowers, gold plated and/or copper plated.
Address: 94-120 Charoen Muang Rd., Chiang Mai 50000
Telephone: +66 (53) 245 598

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