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Getting around in Bangkok has habitually been a bit of a challenge, the city has notorious traffic jams and can be very confusing to navigate, you should avoid traveling before 09:00 am or between 03:30 pm and 07:00 pm. Roads such as Sukhumvit Road, Ramkhamhaeng Road, and Ratchadaphisek are predominantly slow at times. However, in recent years, great strides have been made with the transport network. With a bit of knowledge about all of the choices, it is definitively possible get around easily and quickly.

Bangkok has the full range of transportation means, with a wide range of taxis, tuk-tuks (3-wheeled motorized vehicles), long-tail boats, river taxis, the Sky Train and a comprehensive public bus system.

Luckily there are two excellent transit systems that have significantly alleviated the traffic problems, the recent monorail system called Skytrain (BTS) and the underground metro which are available only in the city centre; it is possible to reach the majority of tourist hotels by these. However, the Rattanakosin area is out of reach of this due to zoning constraints to defend the inheritance of the area.

The national form of transport for Thais is a three-wheeled taxi, called Tuk-tuk; in fact fun and not for timorous people; they are ideally suited only for short trips around the city, agree the fare before your journey.

Metered taxis operate everywhere in the city; fares are quite reasonable and generally honest, ensure the meter is switched on before moving off and stay alert. Taxis are easy to hall from the street and in front of the major hotels.

There is an extensive bus system operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, it operates daily from 05:00 am to 11:00 pm, but itís not too practical for tourists

There are also long-tails boats aplenty for island hopping and costs should also be agreed before boarding. The Chao Phraya Express Boat Company provides water service on the Chao Phraya River, this service stills represents the fastest mean for maneuvering through Bangkok in a North-south direction.

Finally, there are also Vans which generally operate only in more outlying areas.

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