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Eating in Bangkok

Bangkok is an eating paradise, the phrase “¿Gin khao ru yang?” (Which means “¿Have you eaten?” and is an equivalent of “How are you”), sums the attitude of Thais towards food, they take their food very seriously.

In Bangkok, you don’t have to walk very far to find something to eat; there are eating places almost everywhere, outside shopping malls, inside markets, along the pavement. Eating places range from five-star restaurants to street-side stalls and food carts. There are noodle stalls, curry shops, fruit stalls, even carts serving fried insects (scorpions, water beetles, grasshoppers, mealworms and more);

Insects are deep fried and very tasty with the soy sauce that is sprayed on them. Much of the street food in Bangkok is from the northeast, due to the larger number of vendors coming from the region.

The range of eating options is quite staggering. Thai restaurants, of course, offer all the major regional variations of Thai cuisine, plus most of the popular food from all over the world. Some tourist-oriented restaurants present Thai classical and folk dances while guest are eating. The combination of Thai cuisine, music, and graceful dances create a memorable atmosphere for the visitors.

Open-air restaurants and riparian restaurants are more peaceful and are favored in the evenings, seafood restaurants are also popular; they offer a wide choice of fresh ingredients. Thai chefs are well known to be meticulous and extremely talented in not only cooking also in the art of presentation. Menus are extensible, service prompt, and of all type of prices. Prices are generally high by Thai standards, but cheap by international standards, there is a VAT of 7% added to restaurant bills in Bangkok. Additionally, many restaurants also add a service charge of around 10%.

In the Thailand’s central region, the food is known for being hot, salty, sweet and sour. Popular dishes are Phad Thai (traditional noodle dish), Tom Yum, Som Tam (papaya salad), Gay Yang (barbecued chicken), and Laap (salads of meat and fresh herbs).

Areas such as Si Lom Street, Banglamphu or Sukhumivit are very famous food venues. Phahurat, often known as Little India, is a good area to try Indian Food. Western food you find especially around Si Lom; called the Wall Street of Thailand. Chinatown, located on Yaowarat Road in Samphanthawong district, houses the best Chinese restaurants in the city, there are also large street stalls and cheap food stalls.

Special dinners can be enjoyed on boats navigating the Chao Phraya River creating romantic atmospheres. The Banglamphu neighborhood, especially the area around Khao San Road has many eating places for budget diners. The shopping area of Siam Square houses medium to high-priced restaurants serving Thai and international food, there are also American fast-food chains.

There is a huge selection of places to eat in and around Sukhumit Road, among European, American, Italian, French, British, German, Mexican, Japanese, Indian and Thai cuisine, almost every cuisine style in the world is represented in Sukhumit.

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