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The City of Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant city, ten times bigger than the country’s next biggest city. Bangkok shows many faces, from world-class hospitality, traffic congestion, abundant street vendors, naughty nightlife, countless tourist attractions and more.

Bangkok is divided into two parts by the Chao Phraya River, which is Thailand’s longest, between the river and Hua Lampong Railway Station is “old” Bangkok and the Chinatown district.

The first things that impress many visitors in Bangkok are the heat, high humidity, the congestion both on streets and sidewalks, the pollution and the friendly-attitude of Thais. Its bad reputation for long traffic jams is no longer justified, with the introduction of the BTS Sky Train railway and the more recent introduction of the MRT Subway, Tuk tuks are another way of transportation, traveling around Bangkok is now as convenient as traveling in a major city.

Despite the sensationalized news reports, Bangkok is a very safe city and has one of the lowest crime rates in comparison with other mega cities, there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the big city.

The great Chao Phraya River is the backbone of a network of canals; the “Venice of the East”; there are many interesting sights near the river, a trip by express boat is a interesting way to cool after a day walking around the city and the best way to take a glimpse of old Bangkok. Unfortunately, many of the canals have disappeared to create streets and drainage systems. Today, most klongs or canals are concentrated in Thon Buri area.

As one of the most important cities in the region, Bangkok has very efficient banking services. Telecommunication services are great too, a telephone network of international standards and high speed Internet facilities help you keep in touch with your relatives.

Banglamphu district and its neighboring area; specially the Khao San Road; is the place where budget travelers can find cheap guesthouses, hostels and restaurants, the area is just a short walk from the dazzling Grand Palace, Wat Po and National Museum.

The city is a magnet for foreigners looking for relax or a unique adventure, people in Bangkok is easy going and very tolerant which imbues the city a sense of freedom. Additionally, the wealth of its tradition and cultural heritage makes Bangkok one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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